They will know us by our Love.

December 2, 2010

LOVE This Christmas

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So my good friend Debbie Leslie brought up a website the other day that knocked me out of my socks. The SOUL PURPOSE of this website is to display the needs of people in YOUR area this Christmas season. I promise you this: If I was out of school, had the money, and back-up (people to help), I would go one-by-one on this list making peoples dreams come true. What better way to spend Christmas, than to give the TRUE meaning back to people. God gave HIS son to us…I want to give LOVE (God is Love), back to these people.

Common people. bring it. LOVE is the most un-selfish gift that we can give to the people around us this Christmas. I feel like making some people’s worlds this year. I am not suer why, but I just feel the urge to help, give, and be reckless. I wanted to tell you about this so that maybe you would catch…whatever I have going on right now. Make someone’s year by helping them out today. Love you all. Peace


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